The Balance Disorder Center participates in traditional Medicare and some insurance carriers. If your insurance is not one in which we participate and includes out-of-network benefits, those benefits can significantly lower the cost of an evaluation.

Insurance companies may require pre-certification. Pre-certification involves pre-approval from your insurance plan for specific services. Our staff can assist you to complete the pre-certification process.

For patients who have insurance with NO out-of-network benefits, or who have no insurance, there is an initial consultation charge with additional costs if tests of balance function are needed to identify why you are having your symptoms or to develop an evidenced based treatment plan.

An information specialist (IS) at the Center is trained to assist you. We will reach out to your insurance provider to assess your benefits and eligibility.

Our IS will review:

  • Out-of-network benefits
  • A deductible for which you may be responsible
  • Percentage of coverage the plan pays after deductible has been met
  • Any co-pay amount for which you may be responsible
  • Self-pay charges

If you decide to be evaluated for balance problems fill in our history form and call. Our goal is to make the process easy and stress free.  Please fill out the following history form.

History form