What Our Patients Are Saying…
I was having bouts with dizziness that could not be treated because no doctor found anything with my MRIs or CAT scan but found it very hard living like this.

So one day I typed in “dizziness” under search in my computer and somehow stumbled onto Dr. Cinberg’s site. Read some stuff and saw that I had some of the symptoms that Dr. Cinberg treats. So I made an appointment and after two visits he cured me. (No medication, No surgery)

He said I have “rocks in my head” out of position. So ten minutes of certain positioning and he cured me. 

This guy’s the best. Sorry my writing is very informal, but I hope others get the message like I did. – Mr. Nick Desalvo, Brooklyn, NY [Treated for Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo]

In the early part of January 2001, I experienced severe dizzy spells and nausea. The dizzy spells lasted less than a minute but the after effects of nausea, depression, and imbalance lasted for several days. I was afraid to go to work or drive my car. I did not want to be with other people because everything made me very irritable. I thought that my life as I once knew it was over. After my second dizzy spell, I went to a doctor and was prescribed medication that made it impossible for me to function on any level. The doctor told me that this was the only thing available for people with my condition.

In the beginning of February 2001 while browsing the Internet, a miracle happened. I found the Balance Disorder Center and Dr. Cinberg. On my first visit, I explained my symptoms to Dr. Cinberg and he gave me a thorough exam and recommended that I come back for a series of more extensive tests. I was very surprised that unlike most doctors, Dr. Cinberg did not try to rush me through my appointment. On my third visit, Dr. Cinberg explained the results of the tests that I took on my second visit. He also had diagnosed my problem and gave me options for my recovery. I chose medication over the surgery and by the first week in March 2001, I was back to normal.

I would like to thank Dr. Cinberg and his staff for being so dedicated to the treatment of this horrible sickness. I credit Dr. Cinberg for giving me back my life and will be forever grateful to him. -Mr. Michael R. Deluca Union City, New Jersey [Treated for Endolymphatic Hydrops (A.K.A. Meniere’s)]

In December of 1999 I came (to the Balance Disorder Center) with severe pain to my head and awful dizziness. With four visits you completely cured me. I was treated by the V.A. Hospital and my condition never changed. You were a God send to me. Thanking you kindly –Michael Vraebel Newark, New Jersey [Diagnosed and treated for Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo]

What a shock to be hit with the news that your child at five years, may have a hearing problem. Well, it happened to us. After the hearing tests revealed that one ear has lost the hearing ability, our son had to get used to using only one ear. While still looking for the cause of the problem, we were shocked again when we noticed him having difficulties hearing in the good ear. More tests revealed what our fears were, the good ear was having trouble. The doctor ordered this treatment right away and in only three days, what a difference. Our son could hear even low tone voices. (What a Miracle). Thanks a lot Dr. Cinberg. Even though we’ve so much faith in God, we sleep well knowing you are doing your best. Sincerely,–Anne Onchari Rahway, New Jersey [Diagnosed and treated for Immune-mediated Cochleovestibular Disorders]

Some months ago I came to you after having seen, phoned, faxed, written and emailed over 25 otologists in an effort to do something about the Meniere’s disease they all felt I had. They included a number of very renowned physicians, two of whom were medical school professors and many of whom wanted to destroy the balance system in my right ear. I could only read about one paragraph of newsprint an hour without getting dizzy. And I couldn’t use my computer at all…

The good news is that I can now read for hours at a time and I can use my computer as much as I want. So I want to thank you again for being the thorough doctor you are who does not just assume that what others have diagnosed is correct. Your patients have a treasure that I don’t think too many of them are aware of. You’ve given me back my quality of life. A very grateful patient, Frank Sterne Lakewood, New Jersey [Diagnosed and treated with medical therapy for vestibular migraine as per approach of Dr. D. Zee, Johns Hopkins.]

For many years I had been plagued with bouts of severe dizziness and nausea which would incapacitate me. After being seen by several ear specialists and treated with numerous unsuccessful medications (valium, antivert and dramamine patches), a friend recommended me to Dr. Cinberg. Upon meeting Dr. Cinberg and completing his first examination, he informed me that he felt he could help my condition. After completing a thorough exam and a series of tests, Dr. Cinberg discussed with me in detail the different options available to me. He recommended that his surgical procedure would help me in the relief of my symptoms. I agreed to receive the surgery in October of 1999. Immediately following the procedure I felt much better but still experienced some lightheadedness. Dr. Cinberg then prescribed physical therapy three times per week. It took time but with the help of Dr. Cinberg and the therapy, I improved greatly. Since the operation I have not experienced nausea or dizziness. For this I thank him greatly. He has restored me completely and helped to improve my quality of life. I would recommend anyone with a similar condition to visit Dr. Cinberg’s office and give him the opportunity to help you. Dr. Cinberg is an outstanding physician and an asset to his profession. My most sincere thanks, Naomi Callaghan Kearney, New Jersey[Diagnosed and treated for endolymphatic hydrops with surgical therapy: placement inner ear continuous perfusion catheter.]

During the fall of 1999, I was attending Union County College. The day after the huge storm, I was driving home from a friend’s house when suddenly the hearing in my left ear was going away slowly. It was like someone was lowering the volume in my left ear. I just thought it was my ear popping, but I wasn’t getting any hearing back. When I arrived home, I was dizzy and had no balance. At the time, my parents were out of the country, and I was really scared. The medical doctor, Dr. Munoz, that I went to, told me he couldn’t find anything visibly wrong with my ear. He recommended Dr. James Z. Cinberg.

When I arrived at the office, I did not know about Dr. Cinberg’s experience in the field of medicine. Dr. Cinbergs’ staff was attentive and very nice. Dr. Cinberg made sure that every question was answered, and ran the appropriate tests. He didn’t come off as the regular doctor, who is only interested in money and giving you medicine. He cared. And when it was time for the diagnosis, I asked him to not hold back on what his thoughts and theories were. At this point most doctors would have kept their patient in the dark, but the doctor informed me and told me what I wanted to hear, the truth.

With intensive treatment and medicine, the doctor got some of my hearing back. The doctor offered surgery with the Infusion. The doctor did not lie to me. He told me what he was doing to me. During recovery, he called me to know if I was ok. I now have most of my hearing back. With the support of my family and friends, I am getting back my self-esteem. I can now hear the little things many people take for granted. Thank you Dr. Cinberg. William Rios Elizabeth, New Jersey [diagnosed with sudden hearing loss and treated initially with medical and subsequently surgical therapy: placement inner ear continuous perfusion catheter from intraear-www.intraear.com.]