Dr. Cinberg has been accepted by the court as an expert in Neuro-otology. The legal community values his expertise along with the results of his specialized diagnostic and testing equipment which helps to understand and quantify balance problems rather than simply evaluating subjective symptoms.

Dr. Cinberg has testified as an expert witness in Federal Court as well as State and County Courts throughout New Jersey. Dr. Cinberg has also testified on legislation that relates to balance to the New Jersey State Assembly.

The unique resources available at the Balance Disorder Center allow objective assessment of a patients symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and hearing loss specific to whether the balance system has been or is injured, and if so to what degree and permanency.

Dr. Cinberg’s assistance may include:

  • As Treating  provider.
  • Progress reports and narrative summaries of the evaluations and test results.
  • Implications for causality for individuals who have had the noted symptoms after trauma.
  • Medical Record Review.
  • Patient Evaluation – IME.
  • Testifying at trial.

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