Dr. Cinberg’s goal is to offer each patient an individualized, evidence based treatment plan:

  • Dr. Cinberg explores the causes, effects and severity of your balance issues.
  • This is accomplished through a comprehensive, in depth history and neuro-otologic examination.
  • The examination provides the foundation to develop the evidenced based treatment plan.

Treatments for BalanceSuccessful treatment involves one or more of these medical approaches:

  • Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy
    • Supports central balance system to adjust to the deficiencies that have been identified.
  • Medication
    • Diminish frequency and intensity of migranes and Meniere’s that can cause balance problems.
  • Surgery
    • Control disorders: Meniere’s, perilymph fistula, semicircular canal dehiscence that are resistant to non-surgical treatment.