I would like to acquaint you with the services that I may be able to provide to you and your clients as Director of The Balance Control Center (BCC).  As a Board Certified Otolaryngolist, with special expertise in balance control, I have the knowledge and the technology to objectively assess balance system function and provide medical consultation and expertise crucial to your successful representation of injured clients.

I have served as an expert for: plaintiff’s bar, the U.S. Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Labor, multiple cities in New Jersey and legal firms that have represented major New Jersey utilities and services.  My successful testimony has been reported on several occasions by Verdict Search, and I have been an invited lecturer and reviewed the implications for people with balance disorder as a result of trauma at NJ ICLE (Institute for Continuing Legal Education) and the New Jersey NeuroScience Institute.

Symptoms of balance system dysfunction include: dizziness; loss of balance in the dark or in rich visual environments such as a mall or when driving; veering; going down stairs; blurred vision; and sudden onset of a sense of spinning.  Individuals involved in car accidents, slip and falls, proximity to an explosion, and air restraint system deployment frequently have persistent symptoms of balance system dysfunction.

In cases in which I have provided consulting services, the challenge for counsel has been to establish whether there are objective, not age related, abnormalities in balance system capacity that would produce such symptoms consistent with the history of trauma. A determination as to whether diminished capacity is present relies on a comprehensive, objective evaluation of all aspects of the balance system’s capacity.

When such evidence is present, jurors in cases in which I served as an expert often have accepted my expert opinion that the deficit was sufficient to breach the verbal threshold given proof of a damaged balance system which in most instances is permanent.

If you believe I can assist you in representing your client, please feel free to contact me.